Hello there, my name is Breezy. My world revolves around animal rights, veganism, my music, and my dogs.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Welp, I've been blogging for a while on tumblr... somethings about my vegan life but mostly it's just been a place to write about how I feel each day. But as the days go on... my world seems to get a little more revolved around my veganism... and I want to have a place where I feel absolutely safe in strictly writing about it, my adventures (as I plan to start advocating my beliefs), my food (I'm just learning how to cook, so I'm often taking pictures of my food or cookies), the books I read (it seems like I'm reading a new book every week, so I want to start reading and reviewing books on veganism/animal rights), places I go... anything and everything that goes along with my vegan world. So here we go. I'll probably go back and add the posts from my other blog, just to get started. :) <3

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