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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh Life...

I went my whole life thinking that I was going to end up in this one particular place. I thought that music was the only thing I had going for me in life. That it would be the reason I woke up everyday. That it would be what pays my bills. When I was younger (I say that like I’m old… by younger I mean 11 through 17), I worked really hard to try to get there… yet I never really figured it out. I never got anywhere with it and over the past few years… I kind of stopped caring. I lost my drive… I lost my passion… its almost as if I lost my love for it. Though, I know that isn’t true. I love music with everything I have in me and it will always be a huge piece of my life… but moreso than not lately… it kind of feels like its just something I happen to be good at… not what I really want out of life… and that realization is life altering to me… its weird going your whole life thinking you’d walk down this one path and end at this specific destination… and then one day you wake up and realize you’re somewhere you’ve never been before… and you’ve never felt more at home in your life. That moment, when life just shifts and you realize… you’re exactly where you are suppose to be and doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing… despite the fact that it was not part of the plan. Life’s so beautiful in that way… you never know what’s going to come and sweep you off your feet… you never know what’s going to come along and steal your heart right out of your chest. One day it all just sort of clicks and you realize that you have it figured out. I guess I’m lucky that I found that sort of clarity at such a young age… but it’s insane to me. I always thought music would be where I would go… and yes, it’ll be there… I’ll continue to write and play along the way… but I know it’s not what’s going to fuel me in life. I have a new fuel. It’s always been a source of energy and life for me, I’ve always cared and been passionate about it…  but for some reason… the clock stuck 2011 and my world shifted… and it’s all I care about now. My entire focus has switched over to vegan living and animal rights… I want everything I do and everything I own in life to represent and reflect everything I stand for… and I stand for the voiceless. I feel like I finally found my place. Though I feel like a religious nutcase half the time… like a newly born bible thumper or something… but I’m preaching about something I CAN see. Speaking out and acting upon these horrors that I can’t fathom to sit back and do nothing about. So I’m sorry if I sound preachy… I apologize if I’m a little too much for your liking… but… I’m sort of not sorry at the same time… I’m saying what I feel needs to be said… and doing what I feel needs to be done… in the hopes that one day it will make a difference.
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” - Margaret Mead

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be Vegan for my Birthday!!!

Alright... so... the only thing I'm asking of my friends for my birthday is that for this ONE day... everyone eat a vegan diet, as a gift to me and my animal friends. Some people completely surpassed my hopes and actually switched to veganism this weekend and I cannot explain how happy I am because of that. But since so many people have agreed to go vegan for the day, yet don't know what to eat... I decided I should probably share some wisdom since most of  my friends have no idea what to eat. I promise, it's easy =)

As some basic information.... a Vegan diet.... means NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS
this means no meat, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, etc.

First off, obviously any fruits, veggies, nuts, beans (so long as they arent cooked with lard or pork) are all good easy and readily available choices.
Also, if you're looking to get food out on the go... Subway and Chipotle are my go to guys.
At Subway order a Veggie Delight on Italian bread (make sure it's Italian. That's their only vegan bread). Just get it without Cheese and don't get any Mayonnaise on it.  You can get all the veggies, mustard, red wine vinaigrette, oil and vinegar.
At Chipotle, you can order a veggie burrito with Black Beans. (No pinto beans... those have pork in them) Also, their rice, veggie fajitas, guacamole, salsas, and lettuce can all be put in that burrito, because they are all Vegan friendly.
You can also go to In-N-Out and get French Fries. Most fast food places have "vegan friends" but I don't trust them due to cross contamination... so I stick with company's I trust.
If you go out to a restaurant, Just make sure to check that things are cooked with Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil instead of lards and greases. When eating out, most breads are not vegan friendly, check to see if they use Whey, Milk, or Eggs in their breads... or just kind of steer clear of breads for the day, because a lot of places don't know if their breads are vegan friendly.
If you go to the store and want some good fixins... get some Tofurkey and Veganaise for a nice sammich.... maybe even get some Daiya or Tofutti cheese if you're feeling dangerous!
If you like pasta... just make sure to eat Whole Wheat pasta (at home or out at a restaurant... most of it's vegan friendly)
If you are a Starbucks addict... get your regular drink just substitute the milk for Soy, or ask the barista... they're usually pretty knowledgeable of what can go in Vegan drinks. 
Lots of asian food places have tons of vegan options... so those are always a good choice, Thai especially.

You can also use resources like www.happycow.com and search for vegan friendly places in your area. 

I know there's tons of other stuff... but this should help for the day.  If anyone finds that it isn't too difficult and they want to keep it going.... I would be more than happy to share ton's of more information with you.
So pleaseeee, just for today (unless you want to go longer then Hell Yeah!!!) eat fully vegan for me... but mostly for the animals <3

Thank you, I love you all.

Bold Native.

This evening I went to my brothers work (local coffee shop called Back To The Grind) to attend a Vegan Potluck and movie viewing. I'd heard about the movie prior to going... but didn't know too much about it... though I'm always stoked to see a good film about animal liberation... I was most stoked about awesome vegan food. That quickly changed... yeah the food was awesome... but the movie... Utterly life changing. It's called Bold Native (www.boldnative.com)... and its about an animal rights activist who's wanted by the fbi for "terrorism" and is coordinating a nationwide action against corporations who make their buck by exploiting, torturing, and murdering animals. Though the film itself is fiction... its accurate in every sense of the word. The filmmaker was there tonight discussing the film and basically explained that each character more represented an ideal rather than an actual person from the Animal Liberation Front. Regardless of if you're an animal rights activist or not, vegan or omnivore... if you have an ounce of love in your body... a hint of compassion somewhere... this movie will move you. I HIGHLY recommend that everyone see it. It will challenge your current lifestyle and make you think. And hopefully for a lot of you... it will ignite something in your heart.

"Bold Native is not a person. It's an idea - That animals are not property. They are not ours to use. They are an end unto themselves. Their freedom is beautiful, and their slavery is a horror."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vegan Goodies.

So let me just start this off by saying that being vegan... going to parties isn't exactly the most exciting thing when it comes to tasty treats, because most people don't bring vegan goodies when there's only going to be one or two vegans there. Welp, my friends are the most incredible people in the world because I got to my party and my friends Mom had made me a beautiful batch of vegan cupcakes, my best friend Briana had made me another batch of vegan cupcakes, and my lovely friend Erin made vegan brownies. All the chips at the party were vegan friendly, and we had fruit platters. Oh! and my friend Jayda made vegan jello shooters for me! And every little bit of it was absolutely delicious. I could not have been happier. All my friends made yummy vegan stuff for myself, and the rest of the people at my party to enjoy. Not only was I stoked that I had so much great stuff to eat... but almost everything at the party was Vegan.... therefore... everyone was eating vegan (until someone showed up with KFC... which did not make me happy in one bit) and that brought upon some amazing conversations that I got to embark on with a few interested parties. Everyone got to experience amazing vegan baking, which made everyone a little more open to veganism and interested in hearing about it. There were 3 or 4 people that I actually had full on, amazing conversation with, who were genuinely interested in what I had to say and had great questions for me to answer. It was such an amazing experience for me. And let me add that everyone thought the vegan baked goods were delicious and we've been eating them all weekend.

And then, so add onto all this... my friends and I took a little trip out to Venice beach yesterday, and the guys were telling me I could find a vegan place to eat for lunch and they'd eat vegan with me! Granted they ended up getting pizza, but the fact that they offered was incredible. And we walked by a set up of animal rights materials and I was offered to come back and do outreach with the man running the set up. =) what an incredible weekend.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Books books and more books.

My library is getting better by the day. Though I am in need of new books to read, I think I'm going to reread most of these to do my own little write ups on them. :) but I am currently reading The China Study... which I am very excited about. I shall share my thoughts when I am finished. :)

The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life

So, I just finished reading The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life by Melliser Elliot... and it was a very pleasant read. Unlike a lot of books I've read that focus on one main aspect, either the nutritional side of veganism or the animal welfare side of it, this book covered just about everything. From the basics of veganism and what it means, to nutrition, to facts on the factory farming industry, to recipes, to crafts, to information about other vegans, and companies... it's got a little bit of everything. But due to the amount of topics she covers... Melliser Elliot doesn't go as far into detail on some things as one might want... but as a basic overview... its a great book with a lot of useful information! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and can't wait to try some of the recipes and crafts!

Vegan Freak!

At the age of 14 I went on an East Coast trip with my 8th grade class, where I fell in love with a pig and vowed never to eat meat again (and to this day… I still haven’t)… and 5 years later I came to the realization that consuming dairy and animal by product was still contributing to the horrific industry of animal exploitation. So a little over a year ago I did my research and filled my mind with information and finally made the switch to being a full fledged Vegan. And as most of my friends know, I was (and still am) very passionate in my choice of diet and lifestyle. I say lifestyle because Veganism is not just a strict diet that I follow… it is truly a way of life for me. It goes beyond what I eat… into the shoes I wear and the shampoo I use… the soap I wash my body with and the makeup I put on my skin. It goes as far as the company’s I’ll buy products from and the corporations I refuse to even be seen in the parking lot of. It’s undoubtedly (along with music) the most prominent part of my life, seeing as how it is something I stand for every single day with every single choice I make. But it’s not something that I force upon anyone else or try to shove down peoples throats. Just like religion, I see it as a personal choice that I have made that may not be someone else’s cup of tea. (Though I do believe the world would be a much better place if animal exploitation and consumption was off the map)
Seeing as how I am one of the only vegans that my friends know… I tend to be the person people go to for random trivia and interesting information (usually pertaining to veganism), and lately I’ve been getting a lot of random questions again. And in my natural character of wanting to have all the answers… I decided it’s time to freshen up on my vegan know-how and knowledge so that I can once again have some good intelligent debates. And maybe win over a few hearts in the process. So, I purchased a few more books to add to my collection. Last night I started reading one called “Vegan Freak: Being Vegan in a Non-Vegan World” and I cannot even explain how inspiring this book is. If I weren’t already vegan… I would have converted by the 15th page… and if I were to ever stray and think about eating animal products again… I’d just need to turn to this book for encouragement and good reason to stay on course with my current lifestyle. There are so many good points and pages I wish I could quote, but all I’ll say is that it’s a book everyone should read. It’s puts Veganism in the most beautiful light and just shows that we are compassionate people who won’t stand for suffering in our name. It’s re-igniting my passion in a way I can’t even explain. Reaffirms my idea that what I’m doing is right and nothing should sway my convictions. And nothing will. I am proud to be part of a movement that “is the expression of this desire for justice, a visceral and logical reaction to the horrors visited on others in our name”. I really don’t mind being a freak if “normal” is eating and causing suffering and death to innocent, sentient, beautiful creatures. I have never been more proud to call myself a Vegan. Thank you, Bob and Jenna Torres for re-igniting my flame.

Human Encyclopedia

I can’t stop purchasing Vegan Informational Books. I’m going to be a human Vegan Encyclopedia pretty soon, I swear. But I don’t mind that at all. I actually would love to be as informed and knowledgeable as all these writers. If I could one day possess the knowledge to write a book on being Vegan… I would be complete. I feel like I go through phases of what I want to be gung-ho about… what I want to focus on… or be informed of… but veganism, still to this day can hold my interest more than anything. I can read books and books on it… I can have conversations about it all day… I can win debates like nobody’s business and hold my own pretty well in it. I know that music is what I want to do with my life… but I feel like animal rights and vegan living is just as big in my life and I would like to pursue it as more than just my lifestyle… I’d like to make it a forefront… maybe try to get a job or internship with a vegan corporation… or something like that… I haven’t got it all figured out just yet… but I’m thinking about it. I’ve been reading a book right now that’s incredible… but there are SO many grammatical errors in it that it’s driving me insane. I want to write the publication company with a copy of each page with my editorial notes on it and see if anything changes.  I feel like I could be good at that… like I could enjoy that a lot! Especially if its for a vegan publication company… because I’d be learning while working. I didn’t go to college though, and I never planned on going either… therefore I don’t think I could ever really get an editing job… I can dream though right? Haha. I want to do something though… start a local group… get connected with people with my same beliefs and lifestyle choices… actually do something more than just live it myself… Something. I don’t fully know what yet… or how… I just know I want to do something. And I will… It will work out exactly how it’s suppose to… when it’s suppose to.

Farm Sanctuary

About a year and a half ago, when I was vegetarian and just starting to do my research before switching to Veganism, I came across some information about Farm Sanctuary in the book I was reading. I was immediately drawn to their campaign and thought that what they were doing was absolutely incredible. They rescue animals that are injured and neglected “products” of the factory farming industry, and give them a new home, where they are truly cared for without exploitation in any way. Since I came across this organization, I’ve been wanting to road trip it up to Orland, CA and visit Farm Sanctuary, meet the remarkable animals and the amazing people who run the farm, I just haven’t had the opportunity yet. Welp, I decided it’s time to make it happen. I’m planning a trip up there in May to go take a tour of the facility and just experience the farm in general. While I was looking up information on how to go and visit the farm… I found myself looking at the Intern/Job section of the site and realized I was actually seriously reading the requirements to intern or apply for a job with Farm Sanctuary and I realized that I really want to go experience and internship. So that is my goal now. I need to work my ass off to get my credit cards paid off and some bills taken care of while saving money so that I can survive without work for a couple months. I need to strategically plan when I would start my internship for when I end a lease with my apartment so that I won’t have to worry about rent. I’ll need to have money saved to pay for food while I’m in Orland, along with money to pay my cell phone, car and insurance, and a storage space for all my shit back at home. I have a lot of planning to do, because right now I can’t chance leaving my job… but I’m hoping by next year I’ll have my finances in better order and be able to start doing these things I actually want to do. So I’ve got a loooot to think about and start planning and saving for. I WILL be interning at Farm Sanctuary by next year, for at least 3 months. It WILL happen. There’s obviously a lot of things I want to do in the meantime… but I feel like I really need to work for this and make it happen for myself. I feel like it could be a truly life changing experience, spending 3 months with animals who, had they not been rescued, would be food now. See how they’re lives changed thanks to people who actually cared.
In the meantime, some friends and I are going to plan a Meatout 2011 event, I plan to do volunteer work with a couple organizations, along with other things… but the whole time I’m going to getting myself prepared for this internship. I’m too anxious, I just want to get it all planned out now!

Complaint to CPK

So, CPK just took their only fully vegan entree item off their menu… and I will not stand for it! Help me stick it to the man! Feel free to use my letter to them (with your own changes obviously to make it from you) to contact them showing disappointment in this atrocity! Even if you aren’t vegan… imagine if your favorite thing on a menu was removed… oh, and it was one of the only things you could eat at the establishment in the first place… feel our pain and write in. Thank you <3
“I’ve been an avid CPK goer for many years, and have always been more than pleased with the service and the food. This is rare when eating out seeing as how I eat a fully vegan diet. But your company caters to my dietary wants and needs… so it’s never been an issue when going to your establishments. Yet I was recently informed by a friend who works with CPK, that my favorite item on the menu was removed. The Grilled Vegetable Salad. In general, this salad was absolutely delicious… but on top of that… it was the ONLY ENTREE ITEM ON THE MENU (that’s not including soups) that was fully vegan and did not require any removal or substitution of ingredients. Yes, there are other items that can easily be made vegan, but that was the only safe bet, seeing as how it was always prepared without any animal derived ingredients (therefore making vegans more comfortable in eating it). I find it heartbreaking that the only fully vegan entree item on the menu was removed, and this will definitely hinder my wanting, and others of my same lifestyle, to go to your establishments, when we’d normally be beyond thrilled to go due to the shown care for our dietary wants and needs. I commend your company in having options for people with dietary limitations, but I have to express my deep disappointment in this choice, and would like to know what I would need to do to convince your company to bring back its only (and best, in my opinion) fully vegan entree item to the menu. I’ll provide a petition if I have to… anything. I just want you to know that a Vegan customer is very unhappy about your company’s choice to remove the Grilled Vegetable Salad from the menu. Thank you for your time, and I do hope you take these points into consideration and at least ponder the idea of revoking this removal. “

I Need Friends!

I really want to get more connected and involved in the vegan community. I find it really sad that I’ve been vegan since 2009 (and vegetarian since 2004) yet I only personally know 4 people who partake in the vegan lifestyle. This past weekend I went to a grand opening of a vegan grocery store and it seemed like everyone knew eachother there… yet I didn’t know anyone. And I want that to change badly. It would be nice to have that kind of support and just people to converse with about the topics that interest me that my omnivorous friends aren’t so interested in. I can’t wait to get off work and start networking.

All Natural, Organic, Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies!

Alright, so I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm a strong Vegan. I think I've also made it pretty clear over time... that I LOVE food, but I DO NOT cook. I've never been a cook or a baker, even prior to being Vegan... so starting my cooking exploits in the Vegan realm, I thought, would be twice as difficult. Thank goodness I was wrong!! I've been doing so much reading lately about Veganism and one thing the books always say is that one of the best ways to get people to accept your Veganism and maybe even switch over... is to cook delicious food for them, so they can see that its not difficult to have good meals and treats as a Vegan. And I've always been super bummed, thinking I'll never get to do that, due to not being a good cook... Welp, today I had my first baking experiment... to bake Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies. And let me just say... they came out INCREDIBLE! I don't have many Vegan friends... so I had my non-Vegan neighbors, and brother try them... and they were a Huge hit! Everyone loved them! I went to give one to my neighbor Angel and her boyfriend took half of it and after eating it asked me if he could have more! I was so thrilled! Everyone loves a good cookie every once in a while, so I'm excited to start baking and cooking... Maybe I can open up some minds to the idea of an alternate way of eating. Here, these cookies came out delicious yet they don't have any milk, eggs, or even sugar in them! Cookies aren't necessarily good for you in a health sense... but these are much better for you than most other cookies, and they come free of guilt, harm, and suffering. Compassionate cookies are the best kind of cookies and I'm beyond excited now to start my cooking adventures!
So here was adventure number 1: Compassionate Peanut Butter Cookies <3


Welp, I've been blogging for a while on tumblr... somethings about my vegan life but mostly it's just been a place to write about how I feel each day. But as the days go on... my world seems to get a little more revolved around my veganism... and I want to have a place where I feel absolutely safe in strictly writing about it, my adventures (as I plan to start advocating my beliefs), my food (I'm just learning how to cook, so I'm often taking pictures of my food or cookies), the books I read (it seems like I'm reading a new book every week, so I want to start reading and reviewing books on veganism/animal rights), places I go... anything and everything that goes along with my vegan world. So here we go. I'll probably go back and add the posts from my other blog, just to get started. :) <3