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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Be Vegan for my Birthday!!!

Alright... so... the only thing I'm asking of my friends for my birthday is that for this ONE day... everyone eat a vegan diet, as a gift to me and my animal friends. Some people completely surpassed my hopes and actually switched to veganism this weekend and I cannot explain how happy I am because of that. But since so many people have agreed to go vegan for the day, yet don't know what to eat... I decided I should probably share some wisdom since most of  my friends have no idea what to eat. I promise, it's easy =)

As some basic information.... a Vegan diet.... means NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS
this means no meat, dairy, fish, eggs, honey, etc.

First off, obviously any fruits, veggies, nuts, beans (so long as they arent cooked with lard or pork) are all good easy and readily available choices.
Also, if you're looking to get food out on the go... Subway and Chipotle are my go to guys.
At Subway order a Veggie Delight on Italian bread (make sure it's Italian. That's their only vegan bread). Just get it without Cheese and don't get any Mayonnaise on it.  You can get all the veggies, mustard, red wine vinaigrette, oil and vinegar.
At Chipotle, you can order a veggie burrito with Black Beans. (No pinto beans... those have pork in them) Also, their rice, veggie fajitas, guacamole, salsas, and lettuce can all be put in that burrito, because they are all Vegan friendly.
You can also go to In-N-Out and get French Fries. Most fast food places have "vegan friends" but I don't trust them due to cross contamination... so I stick with company's I trust.
If you go out to a restaurant, Just make sure to check that things are cooked with Vegetable Oil or Canola Oil instead of lards and greases. When eating out, most breads are not vegan friendly, check to see if they use Whey, Milk, or Eggs in their breads... or just kind of steer clear of breads for the day, because a lot of places don't know if their breads are vegan friendly.
If you go to the store and want some good fixins... get some Tofurkey and Veganaise for a nice sammich.... maybe even get some Daiya or Tofutti cheese if you're feeling dangerous!
If you like pasta... just make sure to eat Whole Wheat pasta (at home or out at a restaurant... most of it's vegan friendly)
If you are a Starbucks addict... get your regular drink just substitute the milk for Soy, or ask the barista... they're usually pretty knowledgeable of what can go in Vegan drinks. 
Lots of asian food places have tons of vegan options... so those are always a good choice, Thai especially.

You can also use resources like www.happycow.com and search for vegan friendly places in your area. 

I know there's tons of other stuff... but this should help for the day.  If anyone finds that it isn't too difficult and they want to keep it going.... I would be more than happy to share ton's of more information with you.
So pleaseeee, just for today (unless you want to go longer then Hell Yeah!!!) eat fully vegan for me... but mostly for the animals <3

Thank you, I love you all.

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