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Monday, February 7, 2011

Farm Sanctuary

About a year and a half ago, when I was vegetarian and just starting to do my research before switching to Veganism, I came across some information about Farm Sanctuary in the book I was reading. I was immediately drawn to their campaign and thought that what they were doing was absolutely incredible. They rescue animals that are injured and neglected “products” of the factory farming industry, and give them a new home, where they are truly cared for without exploitation in any way. Since I came across this organization, I’ve been wanting to road trip it up to Orland, CA and visit Farm Sanctuary, meet the remarkable animals and the amazing people who run the farm, I just haven’t had the opportunity yet. Welp, I decided it’s time to make it happen. I’m planning a trip up there in May to go take a tour of the facility and just experience the farm in general. While I was looking up information on how to go and visit the farm… I found myself looking at the Intern/Job section of the site and realized I was actually seriously reading the requirements to intern or apply for a job with Farm Sanctuary and I realized that I really want to go experience and internship. So that is my goal now. I need to work my ass off to get my credit cards paid off and some bills taken care of while saving money so that I can survive without work for a couple months. I need to strategically plan when I would start my internship for when I end a lease with my apartment so that I won’t have to worry about rent. I’ll need to have money saved to pay for food while I’m in Orland, along with money to pay my cell phone, car and insurance, and a storage space for all my shit back at home. I have a lot of planning to do, because right now I can’t chance leaving my job… but I’m hoping by next year I’ll have my finances in better order and be able to start doing these things I actually want to do. So I’ve got a loooot to think about and start planning and saving for. I WILL be interning at Farm Sanctuary by next year, for at least 3 months. It WILL happen. There’s obviously a lot of things I want to do in the meantime… but I feel like I really need to work for this and make it happen for myself. I feel like it could be a truly life changing experience, spending 3 months with animals who, had they not been rescued, would be food now. See how they’re lives changed thanks to people who actually cared.
In the meantime, some friends and I are going to plan a Meatout 2011 event, I plan to do volunteer work with a couple organizations, along with other things… but the whole time I’m going to getting myself prepared for this internship. I’m too anxious, I just want to get it all planned out now!

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