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Thursday, May 26, 2011


So here's the deal. This weekend is Riverside's Annual Saturation Art and Music Festival. And I am going to be tabling for Action for Animals throughout the whole festival, as well as performing acoustic for the close out show for the festival. Now... I've never attended Saturation before, so I'm not sure as to how an animal rights and vegan outreach booth is going to be received at it... I'm hoping it will go over well and people will be interested in our literature and the things we have for sale. And I have a personal goal of how much money I'd really love to raise for this organization at this festival, since it's one that I signed AFA up for, rather than one they asked me to table for them. I want to make them proud and I want a lot of people to take in what we are putting out.

So I have a request I'm sending to all my friends (and everyone in general), if you're going to Saturation Fest (or if you weren't planning on going... go!) Please stop by the Action for Animals table in Back to the Grind and check out the free literature we have to offer and if you learn anything new from our table... then please consider donating. As well, if you have an extra buck or two... buy a cool button or sticker. The money goes to a great organization who's doing incredible work for animal rights. And I'd like to make this event really awesome for them and for the animals we're all trying to help.

Our table will be set up in Back to the Grind
Friday from 6 to 11p
Saturday from Noon to 5p
Sunday from 2 to 6p

And then I'll be performing at The Division 9 Gallery Sunday night, if you'd like to stop by for the show. It would mean the world to me.

The fest has a lot of really amazing shows and art vendors and and DIY activities, so you really don't want to miss it! 

Thank you and I hope to see you ALL at Saturation this weekend. 
<3 Breezy

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