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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Today, my mother and I went to Catalina Island to celebrate mothers day... my mother was very thoughtful in deciding something she thought I would enjoy... she knows how much animals mean to me (and particularly how heavy dolphins are on my heart right now because of the current slaughter happening in Taiji) and she also knows I had never been out on the open ocean before... so she thought I would enjoy the boat ride over to Catalina. Even I didn't anticipate how strongly I would react to that boat ride. All I can say is that she could not get me to come inside the boat. I was hanging off the edge completely mesmerized by the water. And then I saw it... pods of dolphins. Swimming free in their natural environment. Outside of restrictions... away from human authority... and no where near captivity... and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. My mom told me after we got off the boat that she could see the passion in my face... she could see my mind working... and that she almost cried watching me observe the dolphins swimming. My joy was uncontainable... I literally screamed the first time I saw them and teared up myself as I watched them play in the water. It was breathtaking. I could not wipe my ridiculous smile off my face for hours. And when we were on Catalina we took a submarine ride to a marine reserve and got to watch all the fish from under water. I can't even begin to explain how different, and life changing it is to observe wild marine life if their natural habitat of the open ocean. I can honestly say that my life was changed today... and I am that much more passionate about protecting any animal I possibly can. They are such intriguing beings and deserve every bit of life they have... because if you actually watch an animal... take in its movements... feel its expressions... look into its eyes... it really changes everything. I cannot view an animal as being anything less than I am. They are so much more than anyone seems to give them credit for and it fucking sucks. I love these beings. And I will stand on their side, through and through.

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