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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let's get down to Ethics...

So... a close friend of mine contacted me last week because she's doing a project for school where she has to write an advocacy letter. Her's happens to be for animal rights (though she is not an animal rights activist) so she came to me asking me for an animal rights activists viewpoint of places like Sea World... So I thought I would post my response... Now my mind is all over the place these past couple weeks... so it's not as well thought out or written out as I may have liked... but however scatterbrained it may be... it is my view nonetheless. And I am proud of my views... hence the reason to post them for the world to see... Enjoy.

Alright... where to even begin. I'm sorry Ive been so busy lately and my mind is all over the place so this might not be as well thought out or well written as I'd like. I'll keep it simple and to the point. Animals at Wild Animals parks... are just that. WILD ANIMALS. Beautiful creatures such as whales and dolphins and other cetaceans are used to, and made for life in the Open Ocean. They are used to swimming hundreds of miles in one day. Used to being able to dive down to the bottom of the ocean... but then they're moved to places like Sea World and they're in Tanks. Tanks that seem big to us... but to a 50 foot creature... they're tiny. They can only swim in circles and are only fed when they do what their Trainer wants them to... the way I see it is... how would you feel if someone took your baby from you and put them in a tiny room with glass walls... taught them to do weird acts that aren't natural to them and then only fed them when they performed properly... in front of hundreds of strangers they don't know... all for a fucking profit. Your child would be exploited, tortured and starved... all in the name of money and entertainment. God knows none of us would let that happen to our own children... so why is it ok for us to steal someone (other people may reference animals as somethings... but I prefer to call them someones) else's child and put them though that sort of life? It's a double standard and it's sickening to me. No wild animal should be kept in captivity... its not natural, its not healthy, its no way to live. One thing that animal rights activists see differently then the rest of the world... is that... in our eyes... we are no better than any other creature... therefore we should hold no authority over any other creature. Just as we would not like someone else deciding our lives, our professions, our lovers, and our deaths... how is it our place to decide those same things for other sentient, living, breathing, feeling brothers and sisters in life. And some people say it's good for learning purposes... and that's bullshit. You want to really learn about marine animals... go out to sea and swim with them... in their natural habitat. I promise you it will be NOTHING like swimming with them in captivity. Animals that are kept in captivity have so many health and psychological issues because they are so for from what is natural to them. I know all the dolphins look so happy out there dancing for your enjoyment but they're only happy because they're finally getting their meal for the day. They didn't wake up that morning and go tell their trainer what tricks they wanted to do.... they didn't tell their trainer what kind of food they wanted for dinner... they didn't tell them what other animal they wanted to be tanked with... or mated with... no... all of that was planned our for them. They have no say in their own lives and they have no freedom, until the day that they die. Which in parks like Sea World is much earlier than their natural deaths. Whales actually have quite a long life span... but in captivity usually only last like 6 years ... and that's if they're lucky. Though, I guess that depends on how you look at it... I'm sure some of them wished they were dead instead of living that kind of life. I don't know.... I guess all I can really ask you to consider is would you be willing to subject yourself or your children or your loved ones... to the same life that an animal in a park like Sea World lives? No? Alright then, obviously it's not morally ethical.   

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