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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It's so interesting to me how my taste buds and senses have been changing right along with my diet over the years. When I was an omnivore ... what 7 ago?... I liked the taste of meat, I liked the smell of eggs and cheese, I hated eating unsalted or unroasted nuts... I loved manufactured, unhealthy, cruetly ridden, bullshit excuses for food. They were what tasted good to me because they were what I was use to. Granted I've always loved fruits and veggies, but I liked these other things as well. Then I found myself as a vegetarian and the sight of meat was repulsive to me... the smell of it grossed me out... then I found myself as a vegan... suddenly disgusted by one of my favorite things in the world... cheese. The sight of it makes me want to vomit, the smell makes me cringe... yet it use to be part of my daily menu... now I've been vegan for some time and over the years have started eating healthier things... and now I find myself preferring raw foods. I won't eat salted or roasted nuts anymore... simply because they don't taste good to me anymore (though the health benefits are a plus). I just realized that I eat avocados, without salting them now... simply because I prefer the taste. It's as if every healthy step in the right direction also has an impact on my senses... I start wanting and craving things much better for me because all this manufactured and processed crap just isn't appealing anymore... and I love it. :)

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