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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Animal Liberation.

I need to stop buying new books. I think I have an addiction. I need to finish all these books I've already ordered... but I keep coming across more books on Vegan Living and Animal Rights and I simply want to know everything I can... so I continue to purchase.

As of right now, I'm reading Animal Liberation by Peter Singer. Now let me start by saying how difficult it was for me to get this book. I looked in so many books stores and no one had it. At one store the girl even told me that they don't carry books of "that nature." WHAT?! You don't carry books on Animal Rights?! I found that to be rather absurd! Why any store would sensor such an important topic is beyond me.
But anyways... I've gotten through the chapter on Laboratory testing... and just as the whole book is going to, it broke my heart. Most of the test performed on animals have no relevance to human nature at all, won't help us in any way, and simply just torture these poor helpless creatures. It sickens me that this can be called science and the people who practice it can be considered esteemed and vital pieces of the human puzzle. America needs to catch up with other countries and get more regulation on laboratory testing, because most tests are plain unnecessary. God, it's sickening.Other countries have ethics boards that consider the possible benefits of the testing against the welfare of the animal involved. If the benefits will truly be greater and mean more than the harm done to the creature, the test will be approved but if it will not benefit and if the test has been done before and is no longer needed, it will be denied. And countless lives have been saved through this process (not as many as we might like, but anything helps. Yeah I wish I had faith in the abolitionist approach, but I believe that progress is progress. Abolition sounds fucking fantastic... but it's a lot harder to achieve, so I'll take what I can get, where I can get it.)
Now, I shall read on to the Factory Farming chapter... which I'm sure is going to be a lot of information I already know, that will, like the chapters prior, break my heart. As hard as these books are to read... they keep me motivated and inspired to fight for this cause. If my heart is truly breaking from words on a page... shouldn't I be willing to stand up and speak out about it? Shouldn't I be willing to do something about it?

Off I go, to fill my head with more heartbreaking knowledge that I hope one day becomes part of our History, and is no longer part of our Current Culture.


  1. I have an addiction to buying animal rights/vegan/cooking books. I have soooo many that I have never even touched. I feel the same way, I just want to know EVERYTHING!!

  2. We should start a book club and actually get to reading and really understanding all these books we have!