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Thursday, March 24, 2011

MEATOUT 2011!!

Alright, I know I'm a few days late... but I've been really busy and really sick! :( no good! But anyways... I'm just going to recap how our Meatout event went. Sadly, I live in southern California where people get scared and run for cover if it starts spinkling... so the rain put a slight damper on the event... But overall we feel it went really well. The people that did come were very open to hearing what we had to say, everyone LOVED the Primal Jerky strips and Jokerz and Twilight Bars! And the most interesting part to me was that most people were more interested in the literature we had to offer than the food we had for them to sample. I was expecting people to come and just want to take food... but people were genuinely interested in the cause we were there for. Which in my eyes, was the best thing we could ask for. If even one person wanted to listen to us... I would have felt it was a successful day, but a lot more than one person listened, and a lot more than one asked questions. It was really rewarding. We took pictures and I made a little video of the event. I only taped the first portion of it because I got into talking to people and just forgot to keep recording. So here's the video... Enjoy!!



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