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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life is Changing...

I've never been happier than I am right now. I've never felt closer to a dream or so excited about my future. I'm starting to see that big steps actually make a difference sometimes. I finally took a huge risk for me... and it just might be paying off. Last weekend I applied for a job with Farm Sanctuary believing it was a huge longshot, that they probably wouldn't even consider me... you know, all those doubtful thoughts, but still hoping for the best and proud of myself for even taking a step like that. Well, I was very wrong, in the best way possible. They contacted me yesterday stating they wanted to interview me for the New York shelter! (Now, let me just explain that I've ALWAYS wanted to live in New York. It was my biggest dream when I was little, but I gave up on it because it just hasn't been feasible in my life) I had a phone interview yesterday and it seemed to go really well! And the woman I interviewed with informed me that she'd be in touch this week to give me more details and let me know... My heart has been racing for 24 hours straight! I can't even explain how exciting this is for me. I was barely expecting to hear from them, but I was especially not expecting to hear from them about working at the NEW YORK shelter. But I'm crossing all my fingers (I'd cross my toes too but my recent surgery makes that humanly impossible for me) and sending out the most positive energy into the universe. I feel like this experience will completely change my perspective on life. I feel like it's going to start a domino effect of me actually beginning to live how I've always wanted to. Working at something I'm passionate about and not just something that pays my bills.
I've started planning my road trip up there (yes, I'm going to drive all the way across the country from my home in Southern California, to my new home in Upstate New York)... I've already decided that I'm stopping at every "Welcome to (State Name)" sign and taking a picture (since I'll be passing through 11 states to get there, and I've never really been anywhere in the United States). I've started cleaning out my apartment... since I know I won't be able to take much. I'll be living in shared housing on the farm with other employees and interns so I won't have much room for things... which I'm actually really excited about. I often times rely too much on "things" and I hate that. I'm going to bring clothing, my writing books, my guitar, my computer and some books to read. That's it. I feel like this is going to be such an amazing experience for me to just get away from the real world for a while and just get in tune with nature. Spend time with these animals that I care so much about. Educate myself a bit and do some good writing. I want to document my time on the farm and just use my computer to skype home and see my friends and family and puppy. That's one thing I'm not stoked about... I have to leave Goliath behind (and all my friends and family too haha) but my mom is going to take good care of my baby and everyone's ready to skype me and keep me update on home life.
So depending on how a call goes later this week... my world could be Drastically changing and I should be on a road trip to New York in 3 weeks. And I'm hoping so badly that is the case.
I need this. But most importantly... I deserve this. I've been working too long just to pay my bills, it's time that I work to make me happy and support a cause that I am attached to and extremely passionate about.
So here's to living and making life everything you want it to be. It shouldn't be any other way.

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